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Anti cheat tricks - Variable offset
A little class which shows you how some developers obfuscate values in their games. Weiterlesen
Ramda - Validate sequence of numbers
05.11.2018 javascript, ramda, code
I need to verify that i don't miss any events. So i came up with the concept of a number which needs to increment with every event. Weiterlesen
Ramda - Find duplicates in an array of objects
05.11.2018 code, ramda, javascript
For my current project i need to verify that a list of transactions doesn't contain any duplicates based on the transaction id. So i'll show you how i search for duplicates in lists based on a property. Weiterlesen
Group jekyll posts by date
29.10.2018 code, ramda, javascript
I wanted to remove the plain list of blog posts and create a list that is grouped by years and months. Weiterlesen

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