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Base Building Example - early prototype
Right now i play alot of [Rimworld](https://rimworldgame.com/) and wanted to create a small proof of concept of the base building system. Weiterlesen
King Marshmallow - early prototype
End of the year and i had the idea to create a simple idle game. Weiterlesen
Tetris with löve
A buddy of mine challenged me to create a tetris game. Delivered a couple of hours later. Weiterlesen
GPS tracking with nodejs
18.12.2015 gps, nodejs, project, prototype
On a long drive through germany i wrote a script which tracks your position and speed. Weiterlesen
My first osx app
30.08.2015 app, prototype, project, osx
After i created the html prototype of my watchlist tool i wanted to try out some swift. Weiterlesen
Watchlist prototype
26.08.2015 app, prototype, project, html
I created a basic prototype of the watchlist app. Weiterlesen
GPhoto im Web
26.02.2015 camera, prototype, project, web
Ich kann jetzt GPhoto über eine Webseite steuern. Mit der Webseite wollte ich meine DSLR fernsteuern. Weiterlesen

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